#98 TIFF 2022: Vinay Shukla

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022
Episode 98:

Show Notes

Episode 98: Veteran journalist Ravish Kumar’s resignation from NDTV in Dec 2022 became breaking news itself. A well-known veteran in the Indian media landscape, whose evening primetime telecasts were long considered a must-watch for people who appreciated his no-nonsense delivery, a dry sense of humour and a desire to talk about topics relevant to public life, Ravish Kumar announced his departure to YouTube.

A few months prior, during TIFF 2022, we spoke with filmmaker Vinay Shukla about his documentary on Ravish Kumar called While We Watched/Namaskar! Main Ravish Kumar. The work about reporting the news in India and the challenges faced by the likes of Ravish Kumar went on to win the Amplify Voices Award.

Music: Wataboi by ItsWatr