#88 Sherni

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 29, 2021
Episode 88: A look at Amit Masurkar’s Sherni, starring Vidya Balan.

Show Notes

Episode 88: A look at Amit Masurkar’s new film Sherni, starring Vidya Balan.

There was a lot of anticipation around Masurkar’s new film Sherni, especially after the success of Newton (2017) – which was a satirical look at the election process in a small village in India.

The trailer also suggested the return of Vidya Balan in a serious, dramatic role – supported by talented actors such as Brijendra Kala, Vijay Raaz and Sharat Saxena. Was Sherni a roar or a whimper? Listen to find out.

Music: Bollywood Blades by Professor Kliq